2024 World Olympic Qualifier

Spencer Lee & Zain Retherford's Last Chance Qualifier Competition

Spencer Lee & Zain Retherford's Last Chance Qualifier Competition

See who's going to be at the Last Chance Olympic Qualifier alongside Spencer Lee and Zain Retherford.

Apr 22, 2024
Spencer Lee & Zain Retherford's Last Chance Qualifier Competition

Spencer Lee and Zain Retherford won the 2024 Olympic Trials tournament. However, Team USA still has yet to qualify 57 kg and 65 kg for the Paris Olympic Games. So, Lee and Retherford will travel to Istanbul, Turkiye to compete in the Last Chance Olympic Qualifier on May 11th and 12th. If they fail to place top-three, then they will not compete at the Olympic Games. It will be streamed live on FloWrestling.

A repechage system will be used with no gold medal match as the semifinal winners will have qualified, and the two bronze medal winners will face off for the final qualifying spot. The top four athletes at each weight will be seeded according to UWW's ranking series points with the remaining athletes being drawn into the bracket randomly. Retherford will not get credit for the ranking series points he earned at 70 kg, so both US athletes will get drawn in randomly. You can find UWW's rankings HERE.

The #s below are from Jon Kozak's international rankings, not UWW's rankings.

57 kg

INDIA - #6 Aman Aman (2022 U23 World gold)

IRAN - Ahmad Mohammadnezhadjavan (2022 U20 World bronze, 2021 U23 World bronze) OR Alireza Sarlak (2021 World silver)

CHINA - #7 Wanhao Zou (2022 World 5th)

TURKIYE - #10 Muhammet Karavus (2021 U20 World silver) OR Suleyman Atli (2019 World silver)

MONGOLIA - Munkh Erdene Batkhuyag (2023 U23 World bronze) OR Zandanbud Zanabazar (2022 World bronze) OR #18 Narankhuu Narmandakh (2022 61 kg World bronze)

NORTH KOREA - #17 Chongsong Han (2023 Asian Games silver)

KAZAKHSTAN - Meirambek Kartbay (2023 World 5th) OR Yerassyl Mukhtaruly (2023 U23 World 5th) OR Rakhat Kalzhan (2023 Asian bronze)

GEORGIA - Roberti Dingashvili (2024 Euro bronze)

GERMANY - Horst Lehr (2021 World bronze)

UKRAINE - Andrey Yatsekno (2017 World bronze)

65 kg

MONGOLIA - #4 Tulga Tumur-Ochir    (2021 World silver) OR Tsogbakrakh Tseveensuren (2022 World 9th)

UZBEKISTAN - Umidjon Jalolov (2022 U20 World gold)

ALBANIA - Islam Dudaev (2022 Yarygin bronze)

INDIA - Sujeet Sujeet (2022 U20 World bronze)

BULGARIA - Salim Naim (2023 Euro silver)

BAHRAIN - Alibeg Alibegov (2021 U20 World silver)

FRANCE - Timourovitch Arsamerzouev (2022 U20 World bronze)

TAJIKISTAN - Abdulmazhid Kudiev (2021 Russian Nationals bronze)

UKRAINE - Erik Arushanian (2022 U23 bronze)

GERMANY - Kizhan Clarke (2022 NCAA finalist)

CANADA - Lachlan McNeil (2X NCAA All-American)

KAZAKHSTAN - Maiis Aliyev (2022 U20 World 8th)

ARGENTINA - Agustin Destribats (2024 Pan Am silver)

BELARUS - Niurgun Skriabin (2020 Euro silver)

NORTH KOREA - K Kim (2024 Asian Qualifier 5th)

CHINA - Shaohua Yuan (2024 Asian Qualifier 5th)